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7 Jul 2007

Will Your Faith Blend?

Posted by Phil

If you haven’t watched any short videos from “Will It Blend?”1 then you need to start. The website was started by a company to showcase the power of their blenders. To do this, they try to blend anything from the mundane EZ Cheese2 to the new $500 iPhone3 from Apple. Watching these videos brought a few things to my mind.

will-it-blendFirst, I wondered if my faith would blend. It isn’t the first chop of the blender that destroys its contents. Rather, it’s the constant chipping away over time, one hit after another, that causes the most damage. The same is true of our faith: one chop by Satan may only nick our surface, but if we let Satan continue to wear us down we eventually become nothing more than a pile of dust. We become useless for our original purpose, whether it’s to spread cheese, make phone calls, or save lives.

I also wondered if anyone would care if my faith was blended. I doubt that anyone was concerned when “Will It Blend?” messed up a can of EZ Cheese. But people notice when you take an item of great worth, like the iPhone, and you destroy it. How much more is our faith worth to us? Even if someone did notice that Satan was chipping away at me, would they worry enough about my faith in God to take me out of the blender? This is something we all should do for one another, but we don’t always. Either we just don’t notice, or we worry about upsetting the other person.

We should all ask ourselves these two questions: will my faith blend, and if my brother or sister is being chipped away would I help them out?

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